Why Do Contractors and Tank Owners Prefer Bubble Seal Wiper Tips from Mesa ETP?

We often hear from contractors and tank owners that they prefer to use Mesa ETP Bubble Seal Wiper Tips. They report that jobs done with our products go quicker, smoother, and under budget. They’re even specified as a required part of the tank build/refurbishment by some of the world’s leading Oil & Refining industry end users.  Why?

  • Bubble1Mesa ETP’s WG Seals with the Bubble Wiper Tips have less surface contact thanks to its proven design. The concept of the bubble tip has been used in industry for decades. The geometric shape of the Bubble Wiper Tip offers minimal contact with the shell wall which keeps the surface area small relative to other seal geometries. The lower profile contact area of the extrusion along with the seal’s compression forces gives the seal excellent performance characteristics in various petroleum products.
  • The unique custom design of Mesa ETP’s WG Seals with the Bubble Wiper Tips works well for sticky substances like crude. When a tank has sticky crude oils, secondary wiper seals have a history of becoming stuck in position along the tank wall. Mesa ETP’s Bubble Wiper Tips have a profile that better suits this environment.
  • Mesa ETP’s WG Seals is an industry leader of primary and secondary floating roof seals for aboveground storage tanks. WG Seals custom-designed primary and secondary floating roof seals and foam dams have a proven record of success and are used by major oil companies worldwide.

“We prefer working with the Mesa ETP Sales and Engineering teams because they respond to our needs quickly and efficiently.  Our crews like installing the Mesa ETP Bubble Tips because they work better in our tanks that hold crude.” – Brian, Project Manager

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