Armor-Clad® Flexible Drain

Mesa ETP ARMOR-CLAD® Roof Drain systems ensure the proper drainage of water from the Aboveground Storage Tank’s floating roofs. Mesa Roof Drain systems are engineered to suit customer tank dimensions and rain fall data. Mesa ETP ARMOR-CLAD® Roof Drains are designed for continuous service in a wide range of pH solutions and chemicals. Mesa ETP ARMOR-CLAD® assemblies are historically proven to last over 20 years provided the system is sized, installed and operated in the intended service. Mesa ETP ARMOR-CLAD® is engineered and manufactured as a true flexible drain system with repetitive lay pattern. This design will not exert undue force on the floating roof. The whole assembly is designed and manufactured in a single continuous length with no intermittent joints or couplings to restrict flow.


Single Coil

ARMOR-CLAD® Floating Roof Drains are installed to form a single coil repeating lay pattern (360° coil) allowing the drain to raise and lower in a predictable space as the roof level changes. ARMOR-CLAD® rises up directly off the floor and lowers with no horizontal movement, dragging or damage to tank floor.

Full-Flow Fittings

Compression sealed, full-flow end fittings provide non-leaking couplings at each end of the assembly. ANSI 150 lb. forged carbon steel raised face, weld-on flanges are standard. Stainless steel fittings are optional.

Smooth Internal Fluidway

ARMOR-CLAD® features a smooth internal fluidway offering the fastest flow rates and most efficient drainage from the floating roof. ARMOR-CLAD® floating roof drain do not include internal corrugation, which could trap sediment or cause flow restricting turbulence. The ARMOR-CLAD® smooth bore, with no short radius elbows, yields higher flow rates for any given bore size.

Negative Buoyancy

ARMOR-CLAD® Flexible Pipe has a negative buoyancy in all storage products, including light products and heavy crude oil.

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Flexible Pipe Roof Drain

ARMOR-CLAD® is most commonly used to drain water from the floating roof as part of a flexible drain system in an aboveground storage tank. The flexible pipe’s stainless steel armor provides external protection and very low coefficient of friction. ARMORCLAD® connects to the sump nozzle in one continuous length without the need for rigid piping – regardless of the size of the tank. ARMOR-CLAD® is also used in flexible skimmer systems (used to drain a light liquid product from a tank) and foam delivery systems (used to distribute foam around the storage tank’s rim area).


ARMOR-CLAD® Flexible Pipe is engineered in a custom length, size and configuration to ensure optimal performance and long service life. Achieving a successful installation of ARMOR-CLAD® flexible pipe involves the following procedures: tank measurements and relevant information are recorded on the roof drain data sheet. Mesa ETP engineers analyze this data sheet information and provide the “AST Drawing” detailing the layout of the flexible pipe within the tank. Mesa ETP ships the ARMOR-CLAD with AST Drawing, installation instructions and additional documentation. Customer installs the flexible pipe according to the AST Drawing by following Mesa ARMOR-CLAD installation instructions.