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Leg Boots

Mesa ETP Leg Boots (Floating Roof Support Leg Socks) are designed to reduce emissions and product loss caused by vapors escaping from floating roof support legs. Mesa ETP Leg Boots are designed with innovative MesaThane 6036 urethane seal material to form a covering for the support legs. (Mesalon 7010 is available for ethanol applications). The Leg Sock provides excellent chemical resistance against products in the tank while resisting the harshest environmental conditions outside the tank. The Leg Sock ID is determined by the roof support leg handle type, pin length and leg sleeve OD. Mesa ETP designs Leg Socks according to specifications stated on the data sheet, which is completed by the customer. In addition to emission reduction, Mesa ETP Leg Boots helps prevent corrosion by preventing rainwater from entering and collecting in the floating roof support leg. This is an additional benefit to the tank owner, and an exclusive feature of Mesa ETP Leg Boots.

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  • Reduce emissions from floating roof support legs
  • Meet or exceeds environmental regulations
  • Compatible with crude, gas online diesel, jet fuel, aromatics, neat M.T.B.E. and gasohol
  • Resist U/V, water and ozone effects from outside tank
  • Can be installed while tank is in-service
  • Very easy to install and remove
  • May be used with either “U-type” or “T-bar” leg handles
  • Standard sizes, configurations and custom designs are available
  • Seams are R/F factory welded


The interior and exterior of the Roof Leg Boot work together to provide resistance against product loss as well as environmental effects from outside the tank. Mesa ETP Leg Boots are made of MesaThane 6036 laminated thermoplastic urethane (TPU) material. MesaThane features the highest abrasion resistance available in the industry to ensure maximum service life.