Engineered Tank Products

Engineering is in our name — Mesa Engineered Tank Products (Mesa ETP). Every product we sell to a customer is reviewed by our engineering department to ensure an ideal match between Mesa ETP product and the specific requirements of the intended installation location and tank contents. Mesa ETP products function better and last longer because they are designed for each specific scenario.

Engineered Tank Products

Mesa ETP’s full-time engineering staff designs each piece of our aboveground storage tank products as a custom response to the needs of the customer. Because Mesa ETP products are engineered to specific dimensions and configurations our engineers work closely with tank owners, fabricators and maintenance companies and have decades of industry experience. Our engineering department is also active in the industry and are often called upon for technical presentations, industry association participation and as content providers to trade journals.

Engineering Oversight

The design and production of Mesa ETP products begin with a tank data sheet. This data sheet is a crucial step in our process; by collecting detailed information regarding tank dimensions, type of product in the tank, floating roof type, pontoon design, temperature concerns, weather conditions etc… we can provide custom, engineered results with every order.

After analyzing all the data, Mesa ETP engineers consider the complete design components of the storage tank and floating roof in each product design to ensure a precise installation.  Mesa ETP provides detailed drawings and layouts with every product to assist with a successful installation.

Production and Quality Management

Mesa ETP products endure some of the harshest conditions possible and continue to perform past expectations. Mesa ETP’s production staff offer over forty years of production experience with aboveground storage tank components; we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Mesa ETP maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure a high level of quality through each stage of operations. The goals of the QMS are to provide our customers with the highest quality product; to continually improve quoted product delivery dates and to establish plant safety as a top priority.

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