Installation Notes from the Field

For fifty years, Mesa ETP has supplied flexible roof drains to the storage tank industry; during this time, we have overseen the installation of thousands of flexible roof drains in Above Ground Storage Tanks. Below are some quick tips and suggestions that in our experience will help ensure a successful roof drain installation.

Always make sure to properly fill out the tank data collection sheet; this document is what engineering uses to custom design the roof drain to your specific geography, tank contents and tank properties.

The Mesa ETP nameplate goes at the shell connection, this ensures the drain is never installed backwards.

Be sure to thoroughly read the installation instructions, they detail the correct orientation of the top flange and the order/placement of the lugs, this guarantees the roof drain hose coils as it was engineered.

Mesa ETP Armor Clad hose is a single-coil repeatable lay pattern roof drain hose, our Resist-All-Clad roof drain hose is a multiple coil design, always be sure to read the installation instructions for the proper coil count that was designed for the tank application.

Flexible roof drain hoses can be a heavy and cumbersome product to install in a confined space, be sure to have an appropriate amount of crew to help. Additionally, small wood dollies (furniture movers) can be of significant assistance when maneuvering the hose around the tank.

Mesa ETP is the only roof drain hose manufacturer that sends a field engineer to supervise installations, be sure to utilize this resource and ask any questions you have or for help in troubleshooting your situation.

We are always available by phone or email to discuss a project, do not hesitate to contact us.

Kyle King
Field Engineer
Mesa ETP