About Us

Since 1967, Mesa ETP has manufactured and supplied specialized products to the petroleum and aboveground storage tank (AST) industries. With over five decades of experience, Mesa ETP products are trusted throughout the world by oil companies, storage tank terminals, refineries, storage tank fabrication contractors and storage tank maintenance companies.

Mesa ETP has three locations in the United States, our manufacturing headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio and regional offices in Texas and California. In addition to domestic operations, Mesa ETP has a vast network of strategic partnerships with international representatives and companies throughout the world. These partnerships work closely with our domestic operations and are a valuable asset to Mesa ETP in providing timely and personal support on a global scale. Mesa ETP is a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC) and plays a critical role in supplier diversity programs for corporations of all sizes.

About Mesa ETP Flexible Pipe Systems

Storage tank owners realize operation efficiency and long service lives with the use of Mesa ETP flexible pipe for floating roof drain systems, skimmers and foam systems. Mesa ETP flexible pipe options include Resist-All-Clad, and Armor-Clad. Mesa ETP flexible pipe systems have been known to remain in service for 20 years or more when properly installed. Mesa’s flexible pipe systems are manufactured for a custom fit in each tank to ensure a consistent, predictable lay pattern that does not interfere with the components in the tank. Floating roof drain systems feature smooth internal fluidways which feature the best flow rates in the industry. Mesa ETP can accommodate any storage tank liquid product with the choice of a compatible flexible pipe system; our engineering staff works with closely with the customer to ensure the proper product is being chosen.

About Mesa ETP Emission Reduction Products

Tank owners meet or exceed environmental regulations and reduce product loss by using Mesa ETP’s line of emissions controls, seal systems, seal materials and other products fabricated from Mesa ETP’s line of proprietary fabric. Mesa ETP emission reduction products help tank owners meet stringent regulatory and environmental demands, reduce emissions, help prevent atmospheric contamination and cut down on product loss. Mesa ETP seal material is used in primary and secondary curtain seal systems, wedge seals for IFRTs, foam log seals, tube seals, leg socks (leg boots), gauge pole covers (gauge pole sleeves) and other gaskets. Operators of External Floating roof tanks (EFRT) and Internal Floating Roof Tanks (IFRT) enjoy the benefits of environmental compliance and increased operational efficiency.


We adhere to ethical principles that go beyond mere compliance with the law. We conduct business activities by acting as honest, decent, and virtuous corporate citizens. To help ensure this conduct, we have adopted the following Business Conduct Guidelines. Furthermore, we expect our suppliers, vendors, dealers, distributors, and others with whom we do business to act in accordance with the following principles:

Compliance with Law

Observing the law and the legal system in every country where we do business is one of our fundamental principles. Our employees and others with whom we do business must obey the laws and regulations of the legal systems within which they are operating.

Honesty and Integrity

We are open, honest and stand by our responsibilities. We are reliable partners and keep our promises. We expect our employees and others with whom we do business to act with integrity. We make decisions about those with whom we do business based only on appropriate considerations, not on the basis of inappropriate considerations, such as coercion.


Our reputation is determined by our actions and by the way each of us conducts himself or herself. Illegal or inappropriate behavior can cause us considerable damage. Employee and others with whom we do business should be concerned with maintaining and promoting our good reputation in each country in which we do business.

Responsibility and Supervision

The culture of integrity and compliance in an organization starts at the top. All managers must act with exemplary personal behavior, openness and competence. This means, among other things, that each manager must emphasize the importance of ethical conduct and compliance, make them regular topics of everyday business, and promote them through personal leadership and training. These responsibilities of managers do not relieve employees of their own responsibilities. We must all work together to comply with applicable laws and our policies.

Fair Competition

We compete fairly for orders with the quality and the price of our innovative products and services. Employee and others with whom we do business are obliged to abide by the rules of fair competition.

Improper Benefits And Improper Advantages

Employees and others with whom we do business may not directly or indirectly offer, promise, grant or authorize the giving of money or anything else of value to a government official to influence official action or obtain an improper advantage. The same applies to a non-governmental person or entity in a business transaction in consideration for an improper advantage. Any offer, promise, grant or gift must comply with applicable laws and our policies and must not raise an appearance of impropriety. This means that no offer, promise, grant or gift may be made if it could reasonably be understood as an effort to improperly influence a government official or as a bribe to a private commercial party. We define government official broadly to include officials or employees of any government or other public body, agency or legal entity, at any level, including officers or employees of state-owned enterprises and public international organizations. It also includes candidates for political office, political party officials and employees, as well as political parties. In addition, employees and others with whom we do business may not give money or anything of value indirectly (for example, to a consultant, agent, intermediary, business partner or other third party) if the circumstances indicate that all or part of it may possibly be directly or indirectly passed on to a government official to influence official action or obtain an improper advantage or to a private commercial party in consideration for an unfair advantage in a business transaction.

Employees and others with whom we do business shall not use their positions to solicit, demand, accept, obtain or be promised improper advantages. This does not apply to the acceptance of occasional gifts of purely symbolic value or meals or entertainment reasonable in value that are consistent with local customs and practices and our policies. Any other gifts, meals or entertainment must be refused.

Anti-money Laundering

Money laundering is the process of disguising the nature and source of money connected with criminal activity – such as terrorism, drug trafficking or bribery – by integrating dirty money into the stream of commerce so that it appears legitimate or its true source or owner cannot be identified. Our objective is to conduct business with reputable parties who are involved in lawful business activities and whose funds are derived from legitimate sources. We do not facilitate money laundering. All employees and others with whom we do business must abide by applicable anti-money laundering laws and our policies and must also follow all accounting, record keeping and financial reporting requirements applicable to cash and payments in connection with other transactions and contracts.

Trade Controls

We comply with applicable export controls and customs laws and regulations in the countries where we do business. Export controls generally apply to the transfer of goods, services, hardware, software or technology across certain national borders, including by email. Export control laws may be triggered in connection with direct or indirect exports to or imports from sanctioned countries or parties, who, for example, may be designated based on national security grounds or because of participation in criminal activity. Violations of these laws and regulations may lead to serious penalties, including fines. Employees and others with whom we do business who are involved in the import and export of goods, services, hardware, software or technology must follow all applicable economic sanction, export control and import laws and regulations and any related policies and procedures.

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest arise when people engage in activities or advance personal interests at the expense of the organization’s interests. A conflict can take the form of a business relationship with, or an interest in, a competitor or customer of ours, among other things. It is important that all employees and others with whom we do business recognize and avoid conflicts of interest, or even the appearance of a conflict of interest, as they conduct their professional activities.