Storage Tank Products

Since 1967, Mesa ETP has engineered and manufactured quality products for the petroleum and Aboveground Storage Tank Industries. Oil Companies, storage tank terminals, refineries, tank fabricators and storage tank maintenance companies throughout the world rely on our engineered tank products. Mesa ETP products include storage tank drains, flexible pipe systems, seal systems, emission control products, vapor collection bladders and other custom engineered products.

Flexible Pipe Systems

Mesa ETP flexible pipe systems are designed for Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) floating roof drain assemblies, also known as tank drains, floating roof drains, or roof drain systems. Mesa ETP flexible pipe systems are also suitable for pontoon skimmer systems, floating roof skimmer systems and as foam delivery systems. Mesa ETP’s flexible pipe designs are compatible for continuous service, both externally and internally, in a wide range of pH solutions and chemicals.

Emission Reduction Products

Mesa ETP manufactures a range of seal systems, seal materials, vapor control products, and emission reduction solutions for Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST).

Specialty Engineered Tank Products

Mesa ETP has a long history of designing and manufacturing specialty engineered tank products to fulfill unique situations in the storage tank industry. Mesa ETP vapor bladders, sometimes referred to as gas holder curtains, are made from our proprietary vapor barrier fabric and are designed to collect and store vapor emissions as part of a complete vapor recovery system. Other specialty products such as our pontoon liners, or repair bladders, function as a temporary fix to a leaking roof pontoon and will keep the roof floating until necessary repairs can be made.