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Mesa ETP are storage tank manufacturers and makers of floating roof drains, seal systems, emission control products, & laminated fabrics. Mesa ETP's full-time engineering staff are industry experts and a trusted resource for product information and technical concerns. Mesa ETP products are engineered to specific dimensions and configurations to meet the needs of each customer's application and conditions. Engineers work closely with tank owners and maintenance companies to ensure a perfect match between our products and the installed environment. 

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Resist All Clad®
Floating Roof Drain System

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Mesa ETP storage tank manufacturers offer a wide range of products for Aboveground Storage Tanks. Our engineered tank products have decades of proven performance and are in service throughout the world.  All Mesa ETP tank products are made per order with engineered specifications.

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Floating Roof Drains, AST Seal Systems, WG SealsGauge Pole Covers, Leg Boots, Skimmer Systems, Vapor Bladders.

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External Roof Drain

Not many storage tank manufacturers have over 50 years of fabricating quality custom engineered tank products around the world, but Mesa ETP does.


Originally known as Mesa Rubber Company, Mesa ETP has been a part of this industry since 1967.


Mesa ETP proudly manufactures in America and is a woman-owned business.