Mesa ETP manufactures multiple variations of two proprietary vapor barrier fabric materials, MesaThane 6036 and Mesalon 7010. Mesa ETP vapor barrier fabric are key components in primary and secondary rim seal systems. Because of their chemical resistance, flexibility and tensile strength Mesa ETP vapor barrier fabric is also used in other emission reduction products including gauge pole covers and leg boots. For more information about the best fabric for your solution, contact us to have a tank expert consult on your project.

More Information

MesaThane 6036

MesaThane 6036FCA is a reinforced premium-grade urethane laminate featuring superior chemical, abrasion, puncture, ozone and U/V resistance. 6036FCA is compatible with 100% aromatic hydrocarbon vapors, gasoline, crude oil and many other chemical solvents. 6036FCA offers excellent tensile strength and flexibility. Applications include floating roof seals, gauge pole covers, leg boots, collapsible storage tanks, vapor bladders, pontoon liners and other custom applications.

Mesalon 7010

Mesalon 7010 is a reinforced polymer laminate designed to provide superior chemical resistance, tensile strength and flexibility. 7010 is well suited for 100% aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, alcohols, ETBE, MTBE, Ethanol, Methanol and other chemicals. Mesalon 7010 is designed to provide maximum performance and service life in applications including floating roof curtain seals, gauge pole covers, roof leg boots (socks) and other seal and emission controls.