Introducing ClipLock

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Mesa Engineered Tank Products has announced a major advancement in seal technology with ClipLockTM.

ClipLockTM is a new fastener-free lock-in-place fabric attachment system that reduces emissions and makes installing WG floating roof seals faster, easier, and safer for the installer and the environment.

“This new proprietary solution lets workers spend less tank time on in-service installations. Plus, there are no small fasteners that discourage the use of required safety gloves,” said Tim Nymberg, Mesa ETP CEO. “ClipLockTM replaces the time-consuming bolt-through system that can compromise fabric integrity.”

“The lock-in-place system creates a 100% fabric contact without fasteners, a method that has been shown in laboratory tests to significantly reduce product emissions. In actual storage tank field tests, workers installed the WG shoe seal with ClipLockTM attachment system in about half the time of the conventional bolt-through cover plate design,” said Adam Vance, Mesa ETP Business Innovation Manager. “The ClipLockTM fabric attachment system even allows seal segments to be easily detached and reattached at any point for quick inspections and storage tank repair without costly decommissioning.”

Each shoe plate section of ClipLockTM features a pre-attached bracket. The installer simply positions the seal fabric on the bracket and secures it place with a proprietary full-length spring clip for a complete seal contact around the entire circumference of the tank. No part of the fabric seal is punched or cut to seat over bolts. This allows the ClipLockTM fabric attachment system to dramatically reduce product loss and emissions.

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