Mesa ETP’s ClipLockTM and Bubble Seal Wiper Tip Receive SCAQMD Approval

Mesa ETP, a leading provider of innovative environmental protection solutions, is thrilled to announce that two of its flagship products, the ClipLockTM and Bubble Seal Wiper Tip, have received approval from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

The SCAQMD is recognized as one of the most stringent air quality regulatory agencies in the United States. Their approval signifies the exceptional performance and compliance of the ClipLockTM and Bubble Seal Wiper Tip products in meeting the rigorous environmental standards set forth by the district.

ClipLockTM is the new proprietary fastener-free lock-in-place fabric attachment system from Mesa ETP  that makes installation faster, easier, and safer for the installers and the environment.  No part of the fabric seal is punched or cut to seat over bolts. The lock-in-place system creates a 100 percent fabric contact without fasteners, a method that has been shown in laboratory tests to significantly reduce product emissions.  With the SCAQMD approval, Mesa ETP’s ClipLockTM system stands out as a top choice for tank owners striving for optimal safety and regulatory compliance.

Mesa ETP’s Bubble Seal Wiper Tip is a secondary seal profile proven through years of industry use, now combined with the custom design features of WG Seals’ products. The lower-profile contact area of the extrusion along with the seal’s carefully engineered compression forces provides excellent performance characteristics in various petroleum products, particularly sticky crude oil or other sticky residue products.  Engineered with precision and durability, this seal significantly reduces vapor emissions, making it an indispensable tool for industries that prioritize environmental responsibility. The SCAQMD endorsement reinforces the Bubble Secondary Seal’s efficiency and ability to meet stringent air quality regulations.

“At Mesa ETP, we are committed to delivering high-quality products that exceed industry standards and protect our environment,” said Tim Nymberg, CEO of Mesa ETP. “The SCAQMD approval of our ClipLockTM and Bubble Seal Wiper Tip products is a testament to our dedication to excellence and our unwavering commitment to sustainability.”

Mesa ETP’s products have long been recognized for their reliability and innovation, and this recent approval by the SCAQMD further solidifies our reputation as industry leaders. The company’s ongoing investment in research and development, coupled with a focus on customer-centric solutions, has positioned Mesa ETP as a preferred partner for organizations seeking cutting-edge environmental protection solutions.

The ClipLockTM and Bubble Seal Wiper Tip products join other products in Mesa ETP’s WG Seals product line such as 5” Wiper Tip, Duo-Tip Wiper Tip, and Mechanical Shoe Seal to achieve SCAQMD approval.

For more information about Mesa ETP’s ClipLockTM and Bubble Secondary Seal products or to inquire about their SCAQMD approval, please contact a tank expert below.

About Mesa ETP:

Mesa ETP is a leading manufacturer of products for refineries, terminals, and storage tank facilities with over fifty years of experience delivering quality, American made products. Mesa ETP develops groundbreaking products that address environmental challenges while ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Our team of experts is dedicated to driving positive change within the industry by delivering cutting-edge technologies that balance environmental responsibility and operational excellence. Mesa ETP is a division of Mesa Industries with headquarters in Cincinnati, OH and additional regional sales locations throughout North America.