Gas Holder Curtains

By: Dan Adams, Engineering Manager Mesa ETP

Gas Holder Curtains, also known as Vapor Bladders, are commonly used at wastewater treatment facilities, gasoline distribution terminals and oil refineries where they provide the facility with higher efficiency options in dealing with vapors as well as protect the environment from pollution. The Collection Bladders create even flows when recovered gas is released through the shell nozzle, the gas can then be used to power generators, power equipment or as part of a waste gasification flare process.

Mesa ETP has a long history of designing and building Gas Holder Curtains for a diverse list of uses. Each Vapor Bladder is custom engineered to the specific tank design and to guarantee the unique pressure and strength requirements are achieved. Mesa ETP Gas Holder Curtains go through a thorough a rigorous Quality Management System and vacuum tests to ensure there is no leakage. Properly installed, Mesa ETP Collection Bladders can have a service life of well over 10 years.

For more information regarding Mesa ETP Gas Holder Curtains or to see a video showing them function, visit the Tank Products Page. For questions pertaining to the use of a Vapor Bladder at your facility contact one of our Tank Experts who can answer all your questions and provide suggestions to your scenario.