Why do contractors and tank owners prefer WG Seals Systems from Mesa ETP?


We often hear from contractors and tank owners that they prefer to use Mesa ETP’s WG Seals Systems. They report that jobs done with our products go quicker, smoother, and under budget. WG Seal Systems are even specified as a required part of the tank build/refurbishment by some of the world’s leading Oil & Refining industry end users.  Why?

  • WG Seals Systems save labor hours through shorter installation time. WG Seals Systems are commonly reported to be about 10% faster to install. On larger tanks, Mesa ETP could save you up to 50 hours of installation time. Depending on the size of your crew, that could be an entire day of labor and equipment rental. Considering your labor rate, how many dollars would that save you?
  • WG Seals Systems are custom engineered to fit. These are not stock parts in a bin. Mesa ETP engineers your seal to fit your tank. No welding or on-site modifications required. On-time delivery and pro-active communication ensures your project is completed on time and within budget. We provide in-house US-made immediate custom solutions. Custom designs result in fewer operational failures which saves you downtime and your reputation.
  • WG Seals Systems ensure worry-free operation. Mesa ETP can provide exclusive and proven floating roof positioners. These unique positioners are backed by industry-leading technical experience. The positioners allow seals to operate within their design envelope, offering added assurance and reduces chances of costly seal failure and downtime. The WG Seal Systems have been installed thousands of  times, with proven designs dating back more than four decades. WG Seals Systems are manufactured inour Cincinnati, Ohio facility which is ISO 9001.2015 Certified.

“We prefer working with the Mesa ETP Sales and Engineering teams because their WG Seals are easier to drop in and install, require fewer tools, and save us a lot of labor hours.  We also definitely appreciate their responsive engineers. Mesa ETP provides a seal we know will fit. Others provide a seal they hope will fit.”  —  Joe, Tank Installer

To learn for yourself, call a product specialist at 1-866-368-7532 or visit mesaetp.com.