Why do contractors and tank owners prefer RESIST-ALL-CLAD® Tank Drains from Mesa ETP?


We often hear from contractors and tank owners that they prefer to use Mesa ETP RESIST-ALL-CLAD® Tank Drains. They report that jobs done with our products go quicker, smoother, and under budget. They’re even specified as a required part of the tank build/refurbishment by some of the world’s leading Oil & Refining industry end users.  Why?

  • The Mesa ETP RESIST-ALL-CLAD® Tank Drain provides a long operational service life, even in the harshest tank product environments. RESIST-ALL-CLAD® Tank Drains are designed for continuous service – not only in a wide range of chemicals and pH solutions but it is the best in the business when it comes to freezing conditions. That’s important to your operation because if drain hoses freeze, they could become compromised. This means the tank has to be taken out of service, cleaned, and the hose replaced. Avoiding this type of damage can save tens of thousands of dollars with RESIST-ALL-CLAD® Tank Drains.
  • Once the Mesa ETP RESIST-ALL-CLAD® Tank Drain is installed, the tank can be used to store a wide range of refinery products. RESIST-ALL-CLAD® Tank Drains have a long list of chemicals that they are resistant to. This means you have the flexibility to use the tank to store a wider range of refinery products vs. tanks with other drains installed. This operational flexibility can save you tens of thousands of dollars when you need to switch from one liquid to another and back again.  That doesn’t even include the expense, cleaning, frustration, and time wasted on taking the tank out of operation during the switchover.  RESIST-ALL-CLAD® Tank Drains give you the freedom to store what you want when you need to.
  • The smooth interior of the Mesa ETP RESIST-ALL-CLAD® Tank Drain provides higher flow rates vs. other tank drains. Depending on the maximum rainfall in your area, the smooth interior of the RAC drain may provide sufficient flow rate using a 4” diameter RAC drain compared to needing a 6” diameter drain if using the competitor’s drain with a rough interior or a lot flow rate loss due to piping turns.   This can result in thousands of dollars in savings for each tank.

“We prefer working with the Mesa ETP Sales and Engineering teams because they respond to our needs quickly and efficiently.  Our crews like installing the Mesa ETP Resist-All-Clad roof drain systems because the jobs go smoother and faster than when working with other drain suppliers.” — Richard, Project Manager

To learn for yourself, call a product specialist at 1-866-368-7532 or visit mesaetp.com.